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Talks with the dead.

By Hannes Messenger.


Reader, O, Reader, I write in rickety rhymes

most of the times

and often some meaning is hidden

in the things I have written

but often, I am afraid

They are just a memno technical aid.


Lordly, O, Lordly, you who brought to their joy

your people to Canada with the help of Tolstoy

freedom you didn't let them choose

so in the end they had to lose

whatever they could achieve

and for them I grieve

because even the most idealistic man

gets tired of working for the bogeyman

Division of labor is the law of the land

And that is ruled by the law of supply and demand.


Gesell, O, Gesell, it took nearly hundred a year

for a single guy in all academia the message to hear

you were so ahead of your time

and it is such a crime

that the so-called economists of ivory land

don't know the law of supply and demand

and they brought the world to the brink

It looks like the guys in the think tanks can't think.




Michael, O, Michael, known by only a few

with your money, no money you did something new

but in a world that is rotten

you are nearly forgotten

That's why I cry loud

in letters which shout


and one day the world will know of your fame.



Ezra, O, Ezra, you who sang the truth in Pisa

in your grave you must rotate

when you see the sorry state

our world is in and Wörgl more than 60 years ago

and nobody will ever know

What could have happened if they had let it be?

no depression, no World war two with its misery

no Atomic bombs and no Vietnam too

no Alan as the Dompteur in the zoo

no USURA, and the Dompteur would have the teeth

to keep the world at peace

there would have been no desert storm

The apple would be without a worm.



Wörgl, O, Wörgl is the little bridge still there, who

Bears the sign: built with FREIGELD in 1932?

Are you dreaming the impossible dream?

Of what could have been?

When 200 were ready to follow the example

And knees were shaking in Mammon's temple.

Now another hope fell into the pit

We have seen the end of SOCIAL CREDIT.

Not that they were ever willing to rock the boat

But who else can keep Gesells idea afloat?

Nobody prevented what they could have done

Using the money but now they are gone.



Ayn, O, Ayn you were so bright and still couldn't see

that gold is the cause of the misery

mankind is stupid like an ox

they dig the stuff to bury it in Ft.Knox

and their freedom they lose

when as money they put it to use

and it is no mystery

that they did it in all of history

and nobody could understand

The law of supply and demand.



Ivan, O, Ivan you tried for many a year

to follow the Marxist idea

and all the suffering was in vain

Just like in Cuba or Spain.

And now you opened the gate

for the restoration of the state

That was the cause of it all

Capitalism and you learned nothing at all.



Willy, O, Willy, you, who found Orgon

let me know if it was a Con,

Were you crazy like a fox?

when they put you in the jailer's box

or were you one of the few,

Who suffer when they find something new?

You should have known better

Even cloud busters can't always fight the weather.

And the FDA had the nerve

To kill you off, which you didn't deserve.



Nicola, O, Nicola,

You should have stayed in Croatia,

because you didn't get many thanks

when you lived with the Yanks

They gave the fame to Edison,

who pales in comparison,

to you who gave the city lights to us

to you I lift my hat.

You are one of the all-time great.



Victor, O, Victor, we all should be glad,

that you didn't loosen your disks in a world which is mad

You kept them from being used by the krauts.

And they are better out of the hands of terrorist louts.

And it would cramp my style

with the overpopulated world so mobile

that they all could land very hard

in my very own backyard.


Adam, O, Adam, Smith was your name

and you got a lot of fame

for being the first to see,

that division of labor creates wealth

and that is no mystery,

but if you knew, you never so said ,

that without money you couldn't get paid.

And you filled you book

with tales of volunteer army's instead.



Glossary of unfamiliar names in the sequence in which they appear: Lordly is Peter Veregin, leader of the doukhobors.

Gesell is Silvio Gesell.

Michael Unterguggenberger was the mayor of Wörgl at the time of the Experiment.

Ezra is Ezra Pound

Usura is the term Ezra used for usury ( look that up in a dictionary)

Wörgl is a little town in the Austrian Alps

Freigeld is the name Silvio Gesell used for his proposed money

Ayn is Ayn Rand

Ivan stands for Russia

Willy is Wilhelm Reich

Nicola is Nicola Tesla

Victor is Victor Schauberger


More talks with the dead.


By Hannes Messenger



Caspar, O, Caspar, who called yourself Max,

Marx for sure gave you the axe,

and hit you not on the belt but below,

but now you can say: I told you so,

You were wrong and Communism doesn't work,

If you believe in it, you might believe in the stork,

I was right after all,

Communism came to a fall,

And they could have saved a lot of pain,

if they hadn't tried Marxism in vain.



Rudolf, O, Rudolf, I don't have the guts,

with all your followers around to call you nuts,

and for one I must say.

That your schools are doing okay,

Maybe your ghosts also exist, and it is something I missed,

But no matter, time will tell,

and maybe I meet you in hell.

And then you might,

show me the light.



Adolf, O, Adolf, in Munich you once saw Gesell,

had you listened, he would have saved you from hell,

but so you had to end

from your own hand,

sending millions ahead

to the land of the dead.

And the one you sent to open the door,

was called Gregor.



Karl, O, Karl, what a mess your followers made,

from an idea, which wasn't so bad,

They didn't know what to do,

but neither did you,

you thought that the owner of a factory,

had the means and didn't see,

that the banker was the first in line,

who said, this factory is mine.


Otto, O, Otto, you held the fort in a time very hard,

and later even influenced Erhard,

Your early death was a loss for mankind, you bet,

and I treasure the only time we met,

You were a shining light,

and I hope that one day I might

with something I do,

measure up to you.



Maynard, O, Maynard, you were the first from academia,

who saw that Gesell could lead the way to utopia,

but believed that you were smarter than the master,

which only could lead to disaster,

you gave politicians the deficit to spend,

and of course they would never end,

and they wouldn't consider to hear,

it's payback time my dear,

but at least you prevented the worst of depression,

and we have only to be contend with stagflation.



Ghandi, O, Ghandi, they didn't take seriously your funny coat,

and laughed when you traveled with a goat,

yet it was nearly you alone,

who took India away from proud Albion,

You had help from the Axis and world war one and two,

and the English unions helped you too,

in the end you died for what you wanted so much,

and the untouchables still nobody wants to touch.



Michael, O , Michael, we wonder how you knew,

about America, and Franco and Riviera too,

Is time really something not staying in line,

and progressing forward normally and fine?

Is it something that is something we never will know?

It is hard to believe that you told us so,

hundreds of years ago,

what happened only years ago,

Is it really only a dance

and how could you know in advance?



Karl, O, Karl, you show for one,

never underestimate an Austrian,

whether Freud, Reich, Heidegger and Schauberger,

nor Hitler or Unterguggenberger,

and there is Mozart and Strauss,

your open society might become the cause,

for the survival of this civilization,

if they only accept the cure for inflation.



Caspar = Max Stirner, Rudolf = Rudolf Steiner, Adolf = Adolf Hitler, Karl = Karl Marx, Otto = Otto Lautenbach, Maynard = Maynard Keynes, Michael = Nostradamus, Karl = Karl Popper



Who was Silvio Gesell ?

Since fifty years when I first heard about Silvio Gesell I believed in the soundness of his ideas and the only reason for my reluctance to do more for them was the realization that the Keynesian methods caused a growing economy. In such a climate there was no interest in alternative economic experiments. Therefore I used the economic knowledge I had learned for myself and only recently when the economic failure of Keynes deficit spending became visible, did I start working for Gesells cause again.

Now besides being a Gesell fan, I am also an agnostic with leanings more toward Atheism than anything else. I agree in lots of ways with Max Stirner and Ayn Rand. But, of course, this may mean that I only have not seen the light so far. Anyway, when I heard that there was a man who believed that Silvio Gesell had been the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, I thought: this guy must be nuts. All this new age ideas look wacky to me, even when as an agnostic I try to keep an open mind..

Then I remembered Nostradamus and here is the story.

In my youth, when I first heard about Gesell, I tried to prove to myself, that these ideas must have something wrong with them, which I just could not see and I was therefor a daily guest at a library for some years to find out what I could .

The librarian there was also a follower of Gesell and I had access to all books in this library, even the ones on the index of forbidden books.

This was in Austria and the books on this list were started before Worldwar 1 and with every change of government new ones were added but hardly ever any taken out. The books were not destroyed. They even stayed in their place in the shelves, which were not open to the public. The public had only access to a card-file and attendants brought them the requested books to study. Even this one had to do on the premises most of the time. The forbidden books were removed from the public by simply lifting their cards and putting them in an extra locked room.

I had a jolly good time with all the forbidden books and learned a lot about things, the different governments did not want people to know.. One of this books was by a fellow named Kemmerich about the famous French prophet Nostradamus. It was published 1924 and this guy interpreted some of the prophecies and also made some guesses into the future. Now this Nostradamus predicted Montgolfiere, the inventor of the hot air balloon by name, also Franco and his counterpart Riviera, Pasteur. Nau po leon, Hitler (only slightly disguised as Hister) America before there was one and Grand Germany. That was a bit to much for this skeptic. One such name guessed right would be way beyond the law of probability and all of them - impossible. But what impressed me the most was the prediction that the British empire would fall apart around 1950. There was no doubt that this prophecy was written before there even was an British empire and the book I was reading was from 1924 and here I read it and India has just left the empire.

When this came back to my mind, I thought, if prophecy is possible, maybe some of the old prophets in the Bible were also inspired men and even if it is not the word of God, as some claim, it is, there might still be some truth in it. Now, as a life-long student of Gesell I knew that his reforms would bring, what one could call an Utopia and a change, so profound that one could call it a paradise on Earth or even the Kingdom of God.. I still do not know whether there is even such a thing as reincarnation, or if Silvio Gesell is a reincarnation of somebody or that God has sent him or this Jesus. I do not even know if there is a God.

There is only one thing I am sure of. If there is a God and Silvio Gesell was sent by him, I am on the side of the angels and I am glad of it.



Hans_Waage.gif (32624 bytes)

  This is my scale which shows it in a monthly configuration. Used to descript a years worth of business the pan on the money side should be smaller and the longer arm of the scale should be longer,but in any case it shows the economic forces.

(graphics by Dirk Petri)

Hans_Waage2.gif (26037 bytes) 

Here we have the scale in a configuration which is more descriptive for the time of a year.It

is only somewhat of a still-picture of a dynamic process but it stows the relations and working  forces for a longer span of time. It also shows better the real dimensions. The first scale shows the dimensions for a month, while this one shows them for a year. They are both only approximate.

Hans_Waage5.gif (27850 bytes)


This is the scale which shows an additional finesse. The pan for money is hanging on a wheel, which rolls along on the raised points of the arm of the scale. It can rest between two points which shows a certain inertia of the speed of turnover given by the usage of commerce. Only when price fluctuations caused by the fluctuations in the amount of money are continuous and severe, starts the average speed of turnover to change significantly and the scale shows in which direction it changes more readily. It is toward a virtual standstill, when prices fall.  With rising prices it is sometimes possible that the scale finds a new level but with falling prices even additional money is often over-compensated by the refusal of money to move.

This refusal to move can be seen clearly now in Japan, where even 0% interest will not get people to borrow money to invest. Money just wont move no matter how much they try to shovel it into the money pan of our scale. Once the pan slided close to zero the fulcrum is simply too close for angular force.


Here are some suggestions from someone who thinks about economic causes for some problems and therefor about economic solutions.:



What Serbia wants

Serbians always had one dream. They wanted access to the sea. In a sense they started the first World War to reach that goal and their independence from Austria and they did reach it. Actually they had it before but only as part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. In order to keep this access they had to incorporate Croatia and Bosnia into their Jugoslavia where the Serbians ruled over these parts of Yugoslavia too. It was an uneasy situation and especially the Croats resented the Serbian rule but could only escape it for a short while.

After the second World War the communistic Jugoslavia under Tito had again the same Serb dominated multi-ethnic uneasy situation and with the demise of the USSR the country broke apart and Serbia was fighting a losing battle to keep its access to the sea.This is the underlying cause for all the fighting that is going on but here also is the possibility to defuse the whole Problem of the Balkan.

Make the Serbs an offer they cannot refuse! Give them two free ports. One in Albania and one in Montenegro (which should get full autonomy just as Kosovo). This should include internationally guaranteed access with roads , railways and even canals from Serbia proper to these ports. This offer could be made to whoever rules Serbia now and one can be sure, if he would refuse such an offer, he would not rule Serbia much longer. There are Serbs who want to live in peace with their neighbors and would like to see an end to the century long hatred and brutal pogroms on all sides. It would be a simple solution but because it would go against the interests of the armament industry their lobby would not like it. Therefor this dream of a peaceful Balkan will remain a dream unless a world leader with vision would pick this idea up and who knows - if he can solve the problem of the Balkan before a third world war starts there a solution might be found for other trouble spots in this world.

In the long run the vulnerability of the live-lines to these free ports on the Adriatic sea would force Serbia to keep on good terms with the people that live beside them and the economic benefits would not end with the building of these ports including the live-lines. With economic progress these small autonome states would be welcome additions to a United Europe and not unwanted liabilities.

The whole Adriatic coast could become Europe=s holiday playground and the people living there could become gracious and well paid hosts instead of backward causes for trouble, which fight for stony strips of land among themselves with a ferocity that might be felt by anyone who tries to stop them.

These people had to fight off even the goats and sheep of their neighbors before they ate the last remnants of vegetation from their arid land. They will fight against an aggressor with a fierceness which no arms superiority can match but they will gladly welcome guests. Guests who would bring them wealth and not bomb them into submission. Guests who would pay.

The land for these ports including their rights of way could be leased from Albania and Montenegro and the ports would pay their own way and they would bring life to the coast around them. The young men of all the ethnic groups there would be busy building the infra structure of hotels, roads, harbours for the good of the whole region and for the good of all of Europe and they will be careful not to fight with each other in order not to scare away the paying guests.